Cabo Pulmo is situated on what is known as the East Cape, the southern portion of the Baja Peninsula on the Gulf of California and its waters are a designated UNESCO World Heritage Marine Park,  with kilometres of beautiful white sand beaches stretching from the Point in the north to Los Frailes in the south. The live coral reef is home to hundreds of species of tropical fish, sharks, whales, turtles and with an average year around temperature of 24C degrees, it has some of the best weather on earth.
Outdoor water activities include kayaking, snorkelling, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, SCUBA and kite-surfing.  There’s also quite a bit of hiking, as well as mountain-biking, in the hills above town, and in the surrounding areas such as Los Barilles.

If you’re looking for a mix of all activities including relaxing at the beach, we have some guided, customized kayaking and snorkelling trips which we offer through our guiding company Alpine Interface.



You can hike early in the morning and take your coffee down to the beach for a quick swim followed by a full day of diving.
With the capital of Baja Sur, La Paz, only 2 hours away, Casa Marino is the perfect basecamp for exploring this incredible part of Mexico.  If you are a surfer, there are several excellent breaks during the summer swell. 


Nine Palms can be reached from Cabo Pulmo within approx. 40 minutes along the coastal dirt road.
If the swell is pumping, you might want to consider camping out on the beach for a night or two. Camping is free in most places and safe, but you’ll need to take some shade to protect yourself from the relentless heat during the day. There are no trees offering any shade.
The south swells starts around April and lasts until October. April has great weather, and sometimes the south swells start in early.

The Surf Forecast for Nine Palms is fairly accurate and a good resource.

Nine Palms is a fun point break with some long rights and the occasional left. When the swell is right, the wave will bend and torque on the outside and can spit and barrel in the midsection. It can throw and be heavy but mostly, it is forgiving on the takeoff and allows for several turns and the occasional lip section to whack.