Do you have any questions to your Cabo Pulmo Holiday?  What to bring, what to do, which beaches to visit? No problem. Below you will find answers to most of your questions, and if you need more information, just contact us.

You can find all essential packing items for your holidays on our main page
We provide hand soap, shower gel and toilet paper. Regular towels as well as beach towels are also provided – please don’t take the house towels to the beach. To keep these separate, please only use the blue/brown &white striped ones for the beach. There are also  beach umbrellas and beach chairs for your use. We don’t provide breakfast service, but the kitchen is fully equipped, including a coffee grinder if you want to bring coffee beans and the BBQ is at the front terrace, ready to be used.
Extra cash is useful, as the nearest ATM is in La Ribera, 16 miles from Cabo Pulmo (and it is often empty). The next one after La Ribera is in Los Barilles, about 35 miles from Cabo Pulmo.  Some restaurants accept credit cards, but it is still rather the exception than the norm. Cash is accepted in Mexican Pesos and US Dollars. However, the mini markets in La Ribera do accept credit cards for shopping.
We recommend to only use bottled water for drinking as we cannot guarantee that the tap water is safe and tested at all times. The tap water is fine for showers, cooking and cleaning. We provide free, purified water. As Cabo Pulmo is situated in a desert environment, please be conscious of your water usage while staying here – please keep showers reasonably short, and don’t let the water run unnecessarily while washing the dishes, etc.

The house is connected to a septic tank, so please do not put anything other than human waste into the toilet. A small garbage bin is provided for toilet paper and sanitary products . You will find that in most of Mexico and South American countries toilet, paper is NOT flushed down the drain, but rather disposed of separately in a garbage bin.

Cabo Pulmo is an off-grid community, and the house is powered by the sun. Please turn lights and fans off when you leave the house, and when they’re not needed. Currently air-conditioning is not available, but we’re working on it.

There is high-speed, Starlink internet in both houses. 

El Caballero Restaurant has a small shop for essentials: Milk, flour, eggs, tins, beverages, bread / tortillas, some frozen meat and a limited variety of vegetables. It is best to go shopping beforehand when arriving in San Jose del Cabo, if you’re intending to stay in Cabo Pulmo for longer than a few days. La Ribera has a variety of mini-markets,  if you don’t want to go into San Jose del Cabo, and it’s on the way to Cabo Pulmo.

Casa Marino is a 3-minute drive to Cabo Pulmo Beach, and about a 10 – 15 walk. 

If you still questions regarding your Cabo Pulmo Holiday, please contact us