The East Cape of the Baja Peninsula has always been known for its great sports fishing, from billfish to the mighty Yellowfin Tuna to inshore species such Rooster fish and Sierra Mackerel. Game fish are plentiful throughout the year but particularly so during the spring and summer months. Thanks to unique underwater topography, a mixing of cold and warm currents and a seasonal influx of many migrating game fish, the East Cape is a goldmine for the neophyte to experienced angler. Because of relatively calm seas during spring and summer and the fact that many game species come close to shore, I do most of my fishing from my kayak or fishing SUP. 

Due to the fact that Cabo Pulmo and its surrounding areas are a marine park and protected areas, you really have to inform yourself as to where you can fish. There are several fold up map/brochures sold in tackle shops or in tourists offices which give you a pretty good idea as to where you are legally allowed to fish. You also will need a Mexican fishing permit which you must carry at all times. 7-day permits and yearly ones should be purchased online prior to your departure. I have rarely been asked to produce it and when this happens, the park officials are extremely courteous and happy to see me abiding by the rules. 


If you plan on coming to the East Cape of the Baja Peninsula to fish, you have chosen one of the best spots in the world for certain species, such as dorado, jack, bill fish and the iconic rooster fish.. As a compliment to our casita rental business, we offer guided fishing trips, either from shore or by boat. We work only with local fishers who have decades of experience in these waters, fishing from traditional super-pangas, centre-console boats specifically designed for sport fishing. We also offer private fishing tours from shore using both spinning gear and fly gear. For shore fishing, we have a limited supply of tackle, so best to bring a 4-piece 10 weight fly rod or a surf casting set up. Part of our shore fishing service includes transportation to the fishing area with guided shore fishing using a side-by-side vehicle. Please contact us for details, pricing and availability. Bear in mind that October-December and June through August are our busiest months so please speak to us at east one month out. 

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Personally, my favourite spot for either shore fishing or from my kayak/SUP is the long, white sand beach just south of Cabo Pulmo called Playa Los Frailes. It’s about a 20-minute drive from Pulmo just past Playa Arbolitos beach sign (left) and is a favourite spot for snowbirds who park in the arroyo, sheltered from the northerly winds in winter. The northern part of the beach is still in the park so stay well south of the fish camp in order to be out of the park. Care is also need when driving toward the beach if you do not have a 4X4 vehicle. If you do get stuck, the local fisherman will tow you for about $500 pesos. Ideally, park near the the signage installed by park authorities and do not worry about theft. I have been fishing here for decades and leave my vehicle windows open without fear. There are also 5-6 abandoned homes right on the beach which are patrolled by security guards on quads keeping the area safe. This is also a local’s beach, with many families camping during holidays and over the weekends. Sadly, the beach can get pretty dirty but locals understand how important the beaches are to tourism and ultimately their wallets so cleanup happens once in a while. 

 Located not far from a deep off shore trench it’s the perfect spot for trolling from a SUP or kayak. I’ve been lucky here with numerous hookups with Rooster,  Dorado and lots of Sierra and Jack Crevalle. Shore fishing is also exciting but you need to cast far out as the large predatory species stay just outside of the surf.  I mainly use Cabo Killers and Shimano Waxwing spoons for Rooster and even Dorado when fishing from shore.  For trolling, the best so far has been my collection of Rapala lures and feather lures. From shore, I really like the Rapala X-Rap Long Cast Shallow as you will need something heavy to battle the wind.